Why Diamond

What are the benefits of using Diamond?


Benefits of Diamond Software


More insight thanks to real-time steering information

Diamond makes sure that you know in real-time how your company is doing both financially and operationally. This makes you more in control so that you can quickly make adjustments where necessary.

Calculations without errors 

With our software you can be certain of no errors in your financial calculations / overviews.


It is usually time-consuming to create financial overviews and reports, transform operational data into management information or merge multiple business units financially. With our software you are able to do it much faster and without errors.

Easily share interim figures with others 

You can simply share monthly financial reports and operational KPIs with, for example, your colleagues, bank, or your investor (s) without acquiring additional licenses.

More in control 

Thanks to Diamond Data you can also transform non-financial data into management information. After all, as a company you also want to be able to manage matters that affect the day-to-day operations, such as the number of hours worked, the number of orders, absenteeism, and so on.

Data Visualization & Business Intelligence

Diamond Finance is enriched with QlikView, which connects directly to the data sources and delivers an associative experience across all the data used for analysis, regardless of where it is stored.

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Some of our customers

Diamond Software is for


Know how your business is doing financially. Are you doing better or less than predicted? Know how your bank account is developing over time. Merge the results of multiple business units quickly and accurately. 



As a start-up, you can easily make a professional business plan with Diamond. Once the business plan is made, Diamond is used to monitor monthly the financial development of your start-up. And with the help of our financial reports you can then inform both your investors and employees about the financial progress.



As an investor you of course want to be able to easily keep track of the financial performance of the companies which you have invested in.  You want to be able to effortlessly monitor the financial progress and calculate what-if scenarios.


For colleges and universities we have developed a special educational program. With the help of our software solution and the digital lessons, students learn the interaction between Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss account, and Liquidity Development. Besides that, students gain practical experience starting from creating simple financial interim reports till creating a complete feasibility study.

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What our clients say about Diamond:

In the past it took several weeks before the financial department was able to present actual financial/managerial information. Nowadays, thanks to Diamond, all this information is available 24/7.

Stam transport


We are using Diamond for our client analysis; it provides us the functionality to see through the financial figures to the actual activities of our clients.



Thanks to Diamond my gut feeling has changed to rational information on which I can make better decisions.


Potplantenkwekerij Ammerlaan Sosef


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