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Explore the top benefits that the organizations choose Diamond to meet their enterprise business forecasting and analytics needs.


Benefits of Diamond Software


Increase confidence

Our real-time technology is proven across thousands of deployments, and trusted by to European organizations.

Eliminate calculation mistakes

Reduce time, errors, costs and risks of having to build a financial model or consolidate financial statements from scratch using spreadsheets.

Replace multiple spreadsheets

Integrate directly with bookkeeping systems or any other corporate system to create a complete decision making system free from spreadsheet mistakes.

Save precious time

Automatized Formulas, KPI’s, Ratios and Financial statements interconnections. Our constant updates are based on modern technologies, which provide quick performance ensuring no errors in calculations.

Connect with any data source

Built in data import and export functionality ensures that you can always connect to the most current data and update it with a click of a button. Access data from bookkeeping on-premises and cloud-based sources, such as Twinfield®, AccountView®, Exact®, Microsoft Dynamics®, 1C®, Excel and more. 

Data Visualization & Business Intelligence

Diamond Finance is enriched with QlikView, which connects directly to the data sources and delivers an associative experience across all the data used for analysis, regardless of where it is stored.

Diamond solves lack of financial or accounting expertise by providing the most comprehensive tool for projecting financials in real-time without calculation mistakes

Some of our customers

Diamond Software is for


Achieve growth and profitability by visualizing your business ideas in financial statements and eliminating poor performance gaps.



Build multiple forecasts in no time and anticipate the funds needed to convince investors to invest in your startup.



Level-up using modern tools. Diamond supports your theory explanations with visualizations and modelling.


Quickly adjust financial projections and models to control the return of capital investment. 

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Enable everyone at your organization to make confident decisions

Diamond is the right tool for planning and budgeting of consolidated reports. Our total operating expenses have decreased by 15%.

Johan Stumberg,

In the past it took us weeks, to get the right management information. Now, thanks to Diamond, all important information is available 24/7.

Gerrit Stam,
Owner, Stam Transport, The Netherlands

We use professional software instead of spreadsheets. Diamond helps us to forecast the funding needed for different strategies which we teach at University.

Ph.D., senior lecturer Dovhun Oksana,
Lviv National Polytechnic University, Ukraine


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