What is Diamond?

Diamond Financial Management Software is a business analytics solution that lets you easily build and forecast financial statements and helps to project the decisions made today on the future of your company.

Bring your bookkeeping data to life.


Financial projections made easy!

Save time, eliminate errors and headaches of having manually built financial models and reports in spreadsheets from scratch.

See possibilities. Connect your data, model and explore financial statements “on-the-go” with graphics and visual reports.

Financial Management Software imports data from any bookkeeping software and automatically builds the forecast, so you can receive a complete and profound financial model without calculation mistakes.

Make informed decisions quickly. Diamond cross-links any entered projection with the corresponding report, so you can focus on growth and avoid liquidity problems that can lead to bankruptcy.

Connect or enter your data

  • Access data from on-premises and cloud-based sources, such as Twinfield®, AccountView®, Exact®, Microsoft Dynamics®, 1C®, and more. 
  • Diamond enables you to edit the financial statements “on-the-go” and get actionable insights for a broad range of scenarios.
  • Calculations can take a lot of time, but not with our interactive reports, visual analytics and KPI’s.

Model your financial statements with ease

  • Build the Forecast in various ways: based on historical figures, units * price, by using percentages, in relation to total/product sales.

  • Enter or import the Realized values and analyze the Difference with Forecast in totals and in percentage.

  • Rename and duplicate the rows easily. 

Strategic projections and advanced analytics

  • Use various ways of working with numbers – plain numbers and percentages in relation to the values.
  • Dig deeper into financial analysis. Anticipate potential capital shortfall and funding requirements inside the balance sheet, while planning your sales and expenses inside the profit & loss account.
  • Give advanced users full control over special overviews and templates.

Create professional reports and templates

  • Create reports in Diamond, and do even more with Diamond Template Management Tool.
  • Export your financial figures into MS Office tools, so that users can access in the office or on the go.
  • Download ready-to-use business plan templates and export your company’s data into MS Office tools within in no time.

Share and collaborate 

  • Share your reports with the people who need it without limitations.
  • Distribute the reports without purchasing individual licenses.
  • Gain advantage of being able to provide advanced financial reports close to customers’ operations.

Design, create and share your reports to partners or investors

Get the most from Diamond Software by trying your free trial.

Diamond Software is trusted by organizations worldwide


Diamond Software is one of the most trustworthy software in Europe. Financial Management Software allows me to manage my company faster, which has already brought to the increase of profitability. 



- Elaitte Grünsbergen


We are the early birds of using Diamond Software. We were the best prepared for discussion with investors among others. We had no financial background. With Diamond we gained both the financial understanding and business plan, which the investors required from us.


- Startup team Power4Brain


We've gained a competitive advantage in front of competitors by being able to collaborate with our four international subsidiaries, since Diamond is a multi-language software. With Diamond consolidations are easy! 



- Jona Starker, CEO


Diamond is our top tool for providing banks all needed reports in the required format and without calculation mistakes. Thanks to Diamond Software, banks see us a trusted client. 



- Chris Betcher , Owner