What is Diamond?

Diamond provides insight into both your operational and financial performance. With Diamond you can easily make interim figures, make your financial data come to life and make timely adjustments where necessary.


Make Financial Projections by yourself


Many companies use Excel to create financial statements and reports. With our software you are able to do it faster and with 100% certainty of no errors in your calculations.

Diamond makes it possible to combine financial data with operational data. The result is a far better insight and top quality analysis.

Diamond can connect to all bookkeeping systems. Once connected, enter your forecast, and Diamond will automatically compare your forecast with your actuals in a way that you can follow them on a monthly basis. (Forecast vs actuals).

Entrepreneurs are often loaded with plans and ideas. But are they financially feasible? That is not often easy to present. Diamond therefore does the calculation for you and enables you to make more qualified decisions.

Retrieve data easily

  • Diamond can work with local data as well as cloud data.
  • Diamond can be easily and securely connected to, for example, Twinfield, AccountVieuw, Exact (online), Microsoft Dynamic, SAP, transport management systems, sales information systems, etc. etc.

Follow your Forecast and know where you are standing

  • 1. Connect your bookkeeping system to Diamond
  • 2. Make a forecast
  • 3. Import the actuals
  • 4. Diamond will automatically compare the actuals with your forecast
  • 5. Make timely adjustments where necessary

Do it your way 

  • Not everyone thinks in absolute numbers, which is why you can also easily work with percentages in Diamond.
  • So whether you want to work with an absolute value or with a percentage of the turnover, you can do both and with the same ease.
  • And if you want to see the costs presented as a percentage of the turnover in your financial overviews, that is also possible.


Financial Statements and Reports in an instant 

  • Diamond includes a large number of commonly used financial statements. You just have to select them and save them as a PDF, Excel or Word.
  • With our Template Management Tool (TMT) solution, the sky is the limit when it comes to financial reports.
  • And if you want to make adjustments in your report, Diamond will keep track of exactly when and which changes were made

Share your data easily 

  • With Diamond you can easily and without any restrictions share you information with your colleagues, investors and other stake holders
  • No additional licenses are required. Simply save your overviews and reports as Word, Excel or PDF file, click on send and you’re ready to go!


Download our free trial version here and see for yourself.