Enchase your courses with Diamond financial modeling and analysis software, a much better way than Excel

Diamond connects all of the separate items of Financial Analysis into a comprehensive whole.

Become more confident in your ability to speak and understand finance. Diamond is a sophisticated software and is used to make critical decisions.

Master financial modeling, analysis, forecasting and reporting


Certification training

Follow the same comprehensive training courses our corporate clients use to prepare and assess their analysts and associates. Certificate upon completion.

Data samples

Webinars are enriched with data samples to show how restructuring modeling is used in real bankruptcy case studies.

Learning support

Get lifetime access to our webinars that focus on industry-specific and advanced topics.


Crash courses

Our popular financial analysis course is designed for those with no accounting or finance background as well as those seeking a refresher.

Analyze financial reports

Learn the layout and composition of financial reports. Learn how to interpret and model financial reports and project their impact on forecasts and valuation.

User groups

Communicate directly with your peers or our consultants by asking questions throughout guided learning.

Mrs. Natalia Protsun, Dean of Ukrainian-American Concordia University

Diamond provides an access to video lessons taught by experienced financial consultants. Our IT Application courses are enriched with Diamond financial statement modeling.

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Mrs. Andriana Mazur, Professor of Finance at National University “Lviv Polytechnic”

We are using Diamond FMS since 2014. Our financial courses go beyond the textbook to teach real-world skills students can use immediately on the job.

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Embed Diamond into academic courses

Courses enriched with Diamond software help students, postgraduate students and MBA students in their current positions. Diamond builds up the right logic of learning financial statements as well as refreshes the knowledge of financial mechanism.

Financial specialists are constantly working with numbers, forecasting current financial trends and seeing how they will lead to profit. A financial specialist always makes sure companies or organisations meet their financial demands.

Diamond software supports students during the preparation of their final projects of international business courses.
Students experience the influence of an international market behavior and cross-border transactions on financial calculations.
With forecasting and modeling technology of Diamond, students anticipate the market changes and make profound business decisions.

Business Strategy courses cover aspects of strategic management. Professors use cases from leading companies like Ford and Disney, enter open data from financial statements into Diamond and teach students how to evaluate, formulate and assess business strategies based on financial figures.  At the end of the course students master skills with a Final Project, in which Diamond is used as a tool to comprehensively analyze the strategic impact on financial development of the company/startup.

Students use Diamond software to prove that Thesis / Dissertation research idea would not harm the financial statement of a company.

The hypothesis calculations are thoroughly tested and analyzed within the existing company’s Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account, and Cash Flow Statements.

Financial projections are made to prove the sustainability of liquidity development and company solvency.

Diamond provides students with free-of-charge template management module to build template reports which correspond with the Universities requirements.

Agribusiness disciplines deal with the business processes of production and deliveries, involved in agriculture and corporate farming.  Specializations in agribusiness include international agribusiness and trade, food and agribusiness, international horticulture and marketing, agricultural entrepreneurship, agribusiness management, sustainable agribusiness and innovation, food marketing and retail.

Enterprise valuation courses are a part of Corporate Finance University Module.
Diamond is used as a tool by analysts performing valuations with an objective to provide the fundamentals of the different valuation approaches and understanding of the differences of each approach.

Most universities incorporate Diamond Software as a part of the IT application courses with the goal to provide students with up-to-date technologies to work with within the entire University projects.
Diamond senior consultants are often invited to give workshops and tell about the place of Diamond Software within the local business-functional applications embedded in business processes, activities, products and/or services.


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