Create professional business plans that delight the venture capitalists.

Entrepreneurs no longer need to reach out to third party organizations for creating financial projections.

With Diamond software, Startups greatly reduce the workload and spend their resources on driving business growth.

Business plan with all of your business’s financial details

Financial modeling

Deliver fast and accurate financial statements with all the detailed calculations – and free up more time to focus on strategy and analysis.

Financial forecasting & analysis

Eliminate spreadsheet mistakes. All reports are automatically calculated and produced.

Business plan and & report templates

Business plan assumptions entered in an easy-to-use format. Export your calculations into the MS Office templates.

Diamond solves lack of financial or accounting expertise by providing the most comprehensive tool for projecting financials in real-time without calculation mistakes

Enter your projections and see how it impacts your company’s future

  • Use our editable balance sheet, profit & loss account and other statements to enter data of your business activities.
  • More than a 100 calculated fields. Gross Profit, EBITDA, Profit after tax, Assets, Liabilities, Capital Shortfall, Statement of Liquidity, Repayment Capacity, Liable Capital and other.
  • Pre-built formulas for Liquidity ratios, Leverage ratios, EBIT(D)A, Efficiency ratios, profitability ratios, and more.

Save time with forecasting technology that places data into the correct accounts

  • Multilanguage software designed to be accustomed to any user`s preferences within the financial accounting rules. Software signals if a user has made an accounting calculation mistake automatically.
  • After your have entered the value Diamond will automatically cross-link it with the corresponding reports, so that you receive a complete and profound financial model without calculation mistakes.
  • Build the Forecast in various ways: based on historical figures, units * price, by using percentages, in relation to total/product sales.

Design the templates, create and share your reports to partners or investors

  • Follow the step-by-step guided learning that shows startups how to fill in any type of data in quick and easy way.
  • Download ready-to-use business plan templates and export your company’s data into MS Word in no time.
  • Share your reports with partners or investors without limitations.


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