Diamond Finance

Reliable management information so that you know where your company stands 

  • Easily compare your forecast with the actuals so that you know where you are heading
  • Effortlessly create reports, thanks to the large number of predefined financial statements
  • See how your liquidity is developing so that you are not confronted with unpleasant surprises.
  • Also, you can rapidly and without errors consolidate, and calculate the financial impact of investments and/or the influence of certain what-if scenarios

With Diamond you can now make your own financial projections 

  • For instance, we are going to invest in a new assembly line what will be the financial impact?
  • What happens with our liquidity if we shorten the payment term from 45 to 30 days?
  • What will be the impact on my figures of an increase in wages of 5% or a turnover decrease of 9%?

These are just a few examples of what-if scenarios that can be easily and quickly calculated with our software.

Discover the most important functionalities of Diamond here  


Automatically import your bookkeeping figures

Whether you use Twinfield, AccountView, Exact Globe, iMuis, Unit4 Multivers, AFAS, MIFAS, Snelstart or any other bookkeeping system, with Diamond it is very easy to import your actual figures.

Compare you forecast with the actuals 

Since Diamond is able to connect with all bookkeeping systems, you can compare your forecast with the actuals with just one push of a button. Diamond also automatically calculates the difference for you.  

Calculate the impact of investments and what-if scenarios 

With Diamond you can rapidly calculate the financial impact of investments and/or what-if scenarios

​Calculate with units 

Do you want to know what the turnover or costs are per cow or m²? With Diamond you can calculate with any desired unit type.

​Calculate with different VAT rates

In Diamond not only can you use different VAT rates, but also indicate whether you pay them monthly, quarterly or once a year. In this way, the VAT is correctly processed in your interim figures and liquidity forecast.

Diamond communicates with Excel

Do you want to keep on using Excel for specific calculations? Feel free to keep on doing so. With our special Excel import function you can connect any cell to Diamond. In addition, all information from Diamond can be exported to Excel.

Compile your own financial statements 

Does your business require very specific overviews? With Diamond you can create your own business overviews. Our software makes everything possible.

Diamond is available in 7 languages 

Do you want to share a report with your English-speaking colleagues? Have you made a business plan for a German bank? Or do you need to report interim figures to the French parent company? Diamond is available in 7 languages. With just one push of a button you can switch from Dutch to English, French, Spanish, German, Ukrainian or Russian.

Graphical presentation

A picture often tells more than a thousand words (figures). That is we have enriched Diamond with a number of predefined financial graphics, such as the turnover, the gross profit, the results after tax, the breakeven turnover, the solvency and so on.

And thanks to the built-in “show graph option” you can show absolutely everything in graph form. Simply select the figures you want to display in graph form, click on the graph icon, add text to your graph and you’re ready!

Find out how the financial ratios develop

Diamond contains all the most commonly used financial ratios for instance:

Liquidity ratios (quick and current ratio, net working capital, liquidity margin), Solvency ratios, EBITDA, Rentability ratio (gross rentability margin, total rentability + equity)

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