Diamond Finance

Reliable management information with one touch of a button

  • Deliver fast and accurate financial statements with all the detailed calculations – and free up more time to focus on strategy and analysis.
  • Eliminate mistakes of the spreadsheets. All reports are automatically calculated and produced.
  • Financial assumptions are entered in an easy-to-use format. Export your calculations into the MS Office templates.

Enter your projections and see how it impacts your company’s future

  • Use our editable balance sheet, profit&loss account and other statements to enter data of your business activities.
  • More than a 100 calculated fields. Gross Profit, EBITDA, Profit after tax, Assets, Liabilities, Capital Shortfall, Statement of Liquidity, Repayment Capacity, Liable Capital and other.
  • Pre-build formulas for Liquidity ratios, Leverage ratios, EBIT(D)A, Efficiency ratios, Profitability ratios, and more.

Thanks to Diamond, I received my first investment 7 years ago. I’m the owner of a successful company now. 

Garry Robinson, Owner of Dutch Holding 

Explore Diamond Functionalities 

Import Data Source

Import data from a file or connect to an accounting system

Diamond supports the ability of importing data from widely used accounting software.

Twinfield®, AccountView®, Exact Globe®, Exact Online®, iMuis®,
Unit 4 Multivers Lite Online®, AFAS Profit® (AFAS ERP Software BV), MIFAS®, SnelStart®, Microsoft Dynamics – Navision®, 1C.

Financial Modeling

Budgeting by entering data in the editable statements

Enter the values to fill in financial statements (Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account, Cash Flow & more). Play with numbers just like in Excel.

Save time with calculated values with formulas at background.

The built-in algorithms are proven to be accurate for more than 7 years.

Financial Performance Control

Forecast, Realization & Difference

Enter the budgets prepared by management for future period.

Forecast the revenue based on business drivers and past data or forecast the cash flows for several years to help management to determine the optimal capital structure.

Compare the difference between forecasts and realization to achieve the desired performance for the future.


Switch between the languages and collaborate across the world

Switch and display your financial reports in seven languages: Dutch, English, French, Spanish, German, Ukrainian and Russian.

Analysis Cockpit

Integrated graphics of Profitability, Break-even, Liquidity, Leverage indicators

Cockpits contain the graphical presentation of the Diamond FMS application data.

The cockpits are used for fast analysis of the >Main Profitability Indicators,
>Break Even, >Repayment vs Depreciation, >Direct Costs, >Liquidity Development, >Accounts Receivables Trade & Inventories, >Investments, >Leverage

Report generator

Export report views into MS Word, MS Excel and PDF

Diamond Software allows generating more than 50 predefined reports out of data from the Balance Sheet, Profit and loss account, Cash flow / Liquidity, Investments and Financing, Ratios, General information, Comments, Main figures, Sensitivity analysis, Custom views.

Sensitivity Analysis

Manage the uncertainty with your assumptions

Model various scenarios and evaluate whether your company will meet your strategic growth plan.

Analyze and compare values inside defined percentage range.

Sensitive Analysis functionality allows creating specific custom view reports.

Unit types

Apply your business’ measurement of net sales and direct costs

Diamond files contain variables which are referred to some units, e.g. square meters, cows, etc. depending on the purpose of the file.

User can customize the available units list and define desirable unit type for file.

Link data to MS Excel

Link the values from/into MS Excel

Diamond supports interconnection with Microsoft Office Excel® cell references.

In addition, Diamond Data supports data import and connection with any data source available at the company.

Custom views

Specific overviews designed by financial experts

Diamond provides the ability to view the stored data in any possible combinations for further analysis.
Such combination is called as custom screen.
Custom screen can have any combination of rows and columns.

VAT rates

Apply VAT to sales, costs, operating income/expense, and investment figures

Apply Value Added Tax in percentage (%) by default or to the specific branches, like Sales Groups, Costs of Purchase, Other Operating Income, Investments.

Per month/quarter/year.


Liquidity, Leverage, Efficiency, Profitability & more

Sales per unit type
Liquidity ratios
Leverage ratios
Efficiency ratios
Profitability ratios
Productivity ratios

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