Invest wisely with the help of Diamond Software

Forecast and analyze all necessary KPI before a decision becomes a real action. 

Check all business’s financial details before investing

Financial modeling

Accuracy of automated financial calculations per month, quarter, semi-year, and annual figures.


Stress test the repayment capacity, solvency and liquidity development of loan application within the holding organization.

Key ratios

Control if applicants financials fall below specific ratios levels in the future. Quick ratio, current ratio, debt to equity, and more.

Company valuation

Automize business value estimation with Diamond Valuation Dashboard.

Secure, transparent and digital way to check the most important reports

Get data from customer reports and build your forecast in minutes

Stress-test the loan

  • Analyze the Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account, Cash Flow statement, Ratios, and more. Preview the financial calculations per month, quarter, semi-year, and annual.
  • Save time in analyzing various Loan scenarios and their impact on the liquidity development of the applicant’s business.
  • Check the company’s historical figures, forecast the projections of the loan application, enter your banks projections & see the difference

Company valuation

  • Quickly analyze the value of the business’s assets. Add assumptions and see its impact on companies’ financial statements in the future.
  • Analyze the firm’s cost of capital with built-in weighted average cost of capital (WACC) rate calculation throughout the years in the future.
  • Estimate the value of an investment request based on its future cash flows (Discounted Cash Flow method).

Evaluate merged business performance

  • With Qlik on board, Diamond Software helps users to reduce the number of custom reports and empowers them to analyze it from many different aspects.
  • Reduce administrative time and increase workflow efficiency by combining together insights derived from all data sets available.
  • Visualize and associate member data such as demographics, spatial distribution, and eligibility for loan applicants.

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