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What is Diamond?

Diamond Financial Management Software is a solution that monitors the financial progress of your company.

With our solution you can easily:

  • Make a financial forecast that you can track periodically (forecast vs. actuals)
  • Calculate the financial impact of a particular investment or event
  • Follow the development of your bank balance over time (now and in the near future)
  • Prepare financial reports for both internal and external use
  • Merge (consolidate) the financial figures of multiple business units quickly and accurately
  • Also convert non-financial data into clear KPIs



How does it work?

Connect: first connect your bookkeeping software to Diamond and then import your financial figures in Diamond with just one push of a button.

Compare: Diamond then compares your forecast with actuals. This allows you to see at a glance what you had planned, what you have achieved and what the difference is.

Take Control: as a result, you can rapidly see where things are going and where you need to steer in the right direction.

  • Connect with any bookkeeping system
  • With just one push of a button, your figures are imported and you get the latest financial management information

Diamond Software is for


Know how your business is doing financially. Are you doing better or less than predicted? Know how your bank account is developing over time. Merge the results of multiple business units quickly and accurately. 



As a start-up, you can easily make a professional business plan with Diamond. Once the business plan is made, Diamond is used to monitor monthly the financial development of your start-up. And with the help of our financial reports you can then inform both your investors and employees about the financial progress.



As an investor you of course want to be able to easily keep track of the financial performance of the companies which you have invested in.  You want to be able to effortlessly monitor the financial progress and calculate what-if scenarios.


For colleges and universities we have developed a special educational program. With the help of our software solution and the digital lessons, students learn the interaction between Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss account, and Liquidity Development. Besides that, students gain practical experience starting from creating simple financial interim reports till creating a complete feasibility study.

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What can you do with our software:



Compare forecast with actuals 

Generate monthly and quarterly reports

Follow your liquidity 

Monitor your operational KPIs 

Calculate investments

Discover Diamond Products

Diamond Finance

With Diamond Finance the financial progress of your company can be monitored. By comparing the forecast with the actuals you can see instantly if you are still on track.
Diamond Finance supports you in following your liquidity and gives insight of the development of your working capital for the coming months.

Diamond Finance is especially suitable for generating intermediate financial reports (monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/yearly), which are easy to generate by selecting the reports and ratios of your choice.Besides that, Diamond Finance supports you in calculating financial investments and what-if scenarios.

Diamond Data

Diamond Data makes it possible to combine non-financial data with financial data and convert it into KPIs for management information. As a company one desires to anticipate on issues that influence the daily operations, for example, the amount of sales, the amount of working hours, the occupancy rate, etc. etc.

Diamond shows these kinds of operational KPIs in understandable dashboards. Do you want to combine data from different systems? Diamond Data Modelling is an excellent solution for this.

With Diamond Data you can zoom into the KPIs/tables/graphs with just a few mouse clicks. And for example, the turnover per month, per country, per product, per sales manager can be presented on the screen.
💎 Operational KPIs in dashboards
💎 Data combination from different systems
💎 Simple zoom in / down drill functionality

Diamond Report

With the Diamond Report generator you can rapidly generate professional reports. Use the standard templates or create customized reports in your own company style.

Diamond Report supports you with a broad range of possibilities. The powerful Microsoft office integration gives you the possibility to adjust the layout and make use of all the options that MS Word offers. 

Diamond Consolidation

The financial merging of several business entities is usually quite a lot of work. Diamond Consolidation enables you to consolidate multiple holdings quickly and easily. The insightful connection between the entities (parent company and underlying subsidiaries) is also clearly presented inside the consolidation on your screen.

What our clients say about Diamond:

In the past it took several weeks before the financial department was able to present actual financial/managerial information. Nowadays, thanks to Diamond, all this information is available 24/7.

Stam transport


We are using Diamond for our client analysis; it provides us the functionality to see through the financial figures to the actual activities of our clients.



Thanks to Diamond my gut feeling has changed to rational information on which I can make better decisions.


Potplantenkwekerij Ammerlaan Sosef


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