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Financial Modelling for better strategic decisions without errors of having used spreadsheets


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What is Diamond?

Diamond Financial Management Software is a business analytics solution that lets you easily build and forecast financial statements and helps to project the decisions made today on the future of your company.

  • Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting
  • Easy to make consolidation
  • Modelling Financial Statements “on-the-go”
  • Data Analysis and Reporting

How does it work?

Whether you keep your records in a simple spreadsheet or in bookkeeping software, Diamond lets you easily retrieve data, map account codes and provide you with accurate statements, as well as “on-the-go” ability of financial modeling.

  • Easy data import
  • Risk-free from calculation errors

Diamond Software is for


Achieve growth and profitability by visualizing your business ideas in financial statements and eliminating poor performance gaps.



Build multiple forecasts in no time and anticipate the funds needed to convince investors to invest in your startup.



Level-up using modern tools. Diamond supports your theory explanations with visualizations and modelling.


Quickly adjust financial projections and models to control the return of capital investment. 

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Some of the Functionalities of Diamond Software



Budgeting & Planning 

Forecasting & Modelling

Financial Consolidation

Financial Ratios Analysis

Reporting & Sharing

Explore Diamond Products

Diamond Finance

Start working with our creative Financial Management Software. Diamond contains the important financial statements -Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account, Cash Flow Statements and other overviews. Analyze Ratios, Graphics, and much more. Building reports requires no configuration or an accounting experience.

Every report is built instantly: numbers are cross-linked and cross-checked with the corresponding reports and reflected in correct accounts.

Diamond Data

Data functionality is intended for satisfactory users, who want to analyze data from hundreds of data sources, and visualize it live with dashboards and reports.  Diamond has plenty of ready-to-connect dashboards and a professional team of programmers ready to visualize your data into a story quickly and easily.

Diamond Report

Generate professional reports in no time! Use our build-in “choose & use” constructor. Export Diamond tables into MS Office  and share with your colleagues and investors.

Collaborate by sharing the structure of the templates by exporting or importing the reports. 

Whether you are working on an investment plan, a business plan, or on a monthly budget report, our MS Office Add-In helps you to speed up your work. 

Diamond Consolidation

Consolidation is a work of art! In just a few simple steps you are able to consolidate the annual reports of your holding organization. Our software automatically merges the accounts, so that the financial statements, custom views and ratios are built and calculated automatically.

Enable everyone at your organization to make confident decisions

Diamond is the right tool for planning and budgeting of consolidated reports. Our total operating expenses have decreased by 15%.

Johan Stumberg,

In the past it took us weeks, to get the right management information. Now, thanks to Diamond, all important information is available 24/7.

Gerrit Stam,
Owner, Stam Transport, The Netherlands

We use professional software instead of spreadsheets. Diamond helps us to forecast the funding needed for different strategies which we teach at University.

Ph.D., senior lecturer Dovhun Oksana,
Lviv National Polytechnic University, Ukraine


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